Use case:
I like to share some tracks from my Foobar2000 Library with friends by just sending artist name and track title as text by instant/text messaging.

When Foobar2000 is in full screen mode playing a track, track info is displayed. By double-tapping on that text, a small notification would display "copied" and in a text field in any other app I could paste track info formated for instance like %artist% - %album% - %title%.

Even better:
(1) In Foobar2000's settings, one could customize the format of the track info, for instance %artist%: %title%.
(2) By "3D touching" the track info of the current playing track, a list would pop 3 buttons: "title", "artist + title", "artist + album + title", and each button would lead to copying track info formated respectively %title%, %artist% - %title% and %artist% - %album% - %title%.