Hello i need to know how to save all my 50 playlist on fobar as m3u8 cos i can use in virtual dj or tracktor .

I KNOW how to save one by one.
But i want all in one time.

It hellp me cos i made the playlist in foobar and when i want to use in virtual dj just i pres folder ...playlist foobar and i can navigate .
It easy for my to make playlist on foobar
Home i use all the time my foobar

Thanl you

One more help is
how can i transfer my playlist to one more laptop.

So i want to have all my playlist on my brother laptop cos i more ok the sound of that laptop

I find same video on youtub but at that period i don t need
my laptop same time is shut down so i a bit scary aboout

Thank you very much for hellp

I am new here on forum.