I would really like to have an option to display the path and file name instead of the file tags--both on the list screens and on the 'now playing' screen. My music files are well organized by folder and have informative file names, but the tags are not always so complete.

Additionally, I frequently play m3u8 playlists using Foobar2000 Mobile because they can consist of a simple list of path and file names and so are easy to generate automatically. I put them in my own playlists subfolder in my music folder, which I navigate to through the folder view. Generally the playlists consist of files from multiple folders, as I use the folder view if I want to play from only one folder.

Foobar2000 Mobile has no problem playing the m3u8 playlists but the display of the playlist entries in the list could be more helpful. Foobar2000 displays just the tag title of each file. The title alone is often insufficient identification if I want to select a specific file. See the attached sample of a playlist of Shostakovich quartets. The list view merely shows the title of the movements of multiple string quartets. But, I can't distinguish from the list which quartet is which. Nor can I see the artist. The composer is likewise not identified (except, in this case, in the name of playlist itself). All of this information, however, is embedded in the complete path and file name. I would prefer to see the actual contents of the playlist file, as shown in the other attached screenshot.

Title list.jpg

Path-file list.jpg