I found a service that will finally let me transfer my foobar playlists to PLEX, or so I thought. Every time I tried to convert I got an error message so I got in touch with their support and they asked me to send them a playlist for troubleshooting.

This was the reply I got: "I finally found the issue. It's your playlist format (m3u8), it's not containing any metadatas, only path to your files. Can you export as EXT M3U instead?"

As I understand it, fpl playlists save metadata but m3u and m3u8 only saves filepaths. Since these 3 formats are the only ones that are available in foobar I don't know what to do.

Is there any way to convert fpl into another format?

Screenshot of the playlist formats that are accepted.

Soundiiz playlist import.jpg

I would greatly appreciate any help solving this issue!