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Thread: Issue with foobar mobile sorting tracks to incorrect album on iOS

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    Issue with foobar mobile sorting tracks to incorrect album on iOS

    [This is a repost from the hydrogen-hosted foobar forum. I was told this is the mobile-focused forum and to post here.]

    I'm seeing some odd behavior from the mobile v1.1.53 for iOS. I'm running it on an iPad mini with iOS 9.3.5. Also running 1.4.8 on Win 10.x.

    I've got a large, multi-disc album ripped via EAC. Metadata came from freedb. There was some inconsistency in metadata from the freedb database. Bottom line, I fixed the inconsistencies using the desktop install of foobar and the album organizes properly there; all tracks under one album listed in order by [disk*].[track*].

    But in mobile, it's a different story. Foobar sorts the tracks into two different albums, one with the proper album name and the other with "Unknown Album".

    The two albums show file names differently: the correct album shows tag data like disc* and track* in the same format the desktop uses (D.TT) and displays album title and artist name when playing a track. The incorrect album shows each file as named in the folder structure and displays that name when playing, while displaying "Unknown Artist" and "Unknown Album". There's also no progress slider on any tracks from this incorrect album. Leads me to believe the mobile install isn't picking up on a lot of the data attached to the file.

    When I rip new tracks from disks that are part of this album, some get sorted to the correct album, some get sorted to the incorrect one. Since I assume all of these files are getting the same tag treatment from EAC, it seems this is a bug with the mobile version.

    I have uninstalled/reinstalled foobar on my iPad to clear cache. But the problem persists.

    Please let me know what other info you need to determine if this is indeed a bug.

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    BUG: Issue with foobar mobile sorting tracks to incorrect album on iOS

    I think I've found a causal factor. I've retagged multiple times, most recently with MP3tag. When I indexed after this last re-tagging, I got 699 421 errors from my FTP server. The incorrect album, the one that is just listing the filenames with no tagging data, had 699 tracks in it (the number of tracks fluctuates). I'll try to duplicate tomorrow and see if the number of tracks in the "ghost" album matches the number of FTP errors.

    I should note that the Library Configuration page correctly reports the number of tracks and the number of albums (now 1183 tracks and 2 albums) in the scan results even though it sorts some tracks to another "ghost" album.

    I still think this is a bug, either with the way foobar interacts with the FTP server or with how it's sorting.

    Thanks for any help.

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