Heya, Will skins that doesnt depend on aspect ratio be implemented? maybe add a flag for achoring top/left/bot/right? I was trying to make a skin for my 1+6 but its not 16:9 so some positions arent right so i had to trial and error some values and found what works for me.
Like trying to get those to work involes negative values and some weird big numbers that doesnt make sense mathematically.
So my wish is that:
  1. A tag that allows an elements position to be calculated/anchored to the top/right/bottom/left side of the screen.
  2. New units like vw/vh (viewport height & width) and allow basic math in some of the expressions. eg: say u want to place an element in the middle of the screen, instead of using hardcoded values like 2000 which is half of 4000, we can type vh/2.

*i posted this on skinning section but figured this would be better