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Thread: Autoplay on headphone plug in

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    Autoplay on headphone plug in

    It would be a nice feature to automatically continue playing (from last paussed moment in track) on headphones plug in event and pause playing on plug off (it is possible and already implemented in BlackPlayer). Also it would be nice to pause playing on incomming call (if playing) and resume playing after (only if was playing before call and if headphones are still plugged in - this is a bug in this feature in mentioned above BlackPlayer).

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    Re: Autoplay on headphone plug in

    Agreed - this kind of interactive behaviour would be great. In fact, pause on selected notification event(s) would be a good one - that way I can get a chat alert, switch to chat to see what's happening, then tell foobar2000 to continue if I want to listen whilst chatting or leave paused if I don't want the distraction (in either direction ).

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