I have been using Foobar for years without problem, but since a few days, I get no sound at all when I try to play an audio file through Foobar.

I used the USB output of my PC that feeds a Balconto Reflink reclocker.

If I play the same file (let say a .WAV file) with another application such as VLC for example, without changin anything to the configuration and still through the Balcanto Reflink, the sound is OK: so this seems to prove that the Belcanto Reflink nor its driver can be the cause of the problem.

In order to help with the diagnosis, here are the screen copies of the Foobar configuration: https://www.casimages.com/f/KPqBybU4DSb

What could I try to get the sould back to my USB output through Foobar ??
Thank you