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Thread: Android: Improve the default skins visibility in Grayscale mode

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    Cool Android: Improve the default skins visibility in Grayscale mode

    When you turn the Grayscale mode ON in the system Accessibility settings, the look of some icons, in both default skins, is misleading. For example: Shuffle and Repeat icons are brighter in the OFF state than in the ON state. I was sure these options are ON, so I "disabled" them, and for a next few days I couldn't understand why my music was playing in the random order.

    My suggestions:
    1. Modify the existing skins or
    2. Add special default skins for the Grayscale mode or
    3. Add some hooks in the app itself, so it could adjust the brightness of icons automatically, when the Grayscale mode is active

    Of course, some of this can be also true for the Negative Colors mode, so I think it is worth to investigate the topic of Accessibility settings in depth.

    On the left image the icons are in OFF state, on the right in the ON state:

    GrayScale-OFF.jpg GrayScale-ON.jpg
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