So, I've been using the Android app for quite some time. I understand that it's impossible to fulfill all wishes and requests and that the lead developer has priorities (hi, Peter, hope you're reading this ), but I feel like the playlists management in mobile foobar2000 has been neglected for a really long time. For example, a quick search revealed that it's been a few years (!) since a very useful feature has been requested - the option to select a playlist when you use the "Add to playlist" function:

Currently when you choose "Add to playlist" you can only add the selected track into the last playlist that you opened. This is fine when you have just a couple of them. But let's say you have multiple playlists that you all use at different times. You're browsing your library and want to add a track to one of them, but in order to do that you have to go back to the list of your playlists, open the one you want to modify, then go back to your library, find the track you want to add, and then... Basically repeat the whole going back and forth process each time you want to modify a different playlist. Or if you want to add the same track into more than one playlist. This is clearly not the most effective way to spend your time in a music player app.

By the way, I can add tracks to playlists only from the music library/search interface, but not from another playlist. There's no such option, you can delete tracks from a selected playlist one at a time, but not move them freely between two different playlists. Neither you can select several tracks and move/reposition/delete them all at the same time. Simple things like that are just absent.

Finally, seeing the number of tracks and the total playing time under the playlist's name on top (similar to what you see when you open albums) would be extremely helpful and greatly appreciated.

So far the only update we got to playlists over the last year or so was a slight improvement to rearranging tracks in a playlist, which... Still works slow as hell, i.e. when you have a lot of tracks in a playlist and are dragging one of them up or down the list of tracks as soon as you reach the edge of your screen the list starts to move with turtle speed. It just becomes faster to release your finger near the edge, scroll up/down manually, then grab that track again and move it another dozen tracks higher/lower - rinse and repeat until you reach the desired position for the track within the playlist. And, by the way, deleting multiple tracks from the playlist by tapping the cross icon in editing mode too quickly seems to be bugged, because it just stops reacting on your taps sometimes and you are forced to "End editing", then enter the editing mode again to continue.

I apologize if this looks a bit like a rant... But I think that this functionality is important, and I'm definitely not the only one here, judging by some other threads I found before writing this post. (Or am I?.. ) Hopefully this piece of feedback will reach the developer and foobar2000 will become much better and easier to use in the nearest future.