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Thread: Unable to add media folder

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    Unable to add media folder

    Hey all, I'm using android 8.0.0, and I'm having an issue where I go to add a media folder, and it says there's no items in my storage and I have no option to navigate.

    Specifically, I'm in the Media Library settings, I tap Add Folder, and I'm presented with this.


    I already searched the forum, and it seems as if I'm the first person to encounter this issue. I won't be able to use foobar on my device until it's resolved.

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    Re: Unable to add media folder

    Hi alonectorch

    I am getting exactly the same as you, again in android 8.0.0

    However, at the top left of the screen you sent a screen shot of, next to the three horizontal bars, I get an option of "Recent", which when clicked opens a drop down to select one of these three options "Downloads", "the phone memory" or the "SD card that is inserted in the phone".

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