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Thread: startup crash, Foobar2000 mobile (ANDROID)(v1.2.2)

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    Question startup crash, Foobar2000 mobile (ANDROID)(v1.2.2)

    Version 1.2.2, 2020-04-29
    • Fix for crashing after pausing/unpausing playback with headset buttons.

    it could be related to the above fix causing an unintended issue/crash...

    1) start Foobar2000 mobile Android v1.2.2
    2) double tap the screen to start a track (in the file explorer
    3) a second or two of sound plays then crash..
    4) automatically after the crash it immediately restarts Foobar2000 mobile
    5) no further crash occurs for now.. ie trying to get it to re-crash to reproduce this is hard... dang nabit...

    ps: the pop-up that appears when an app has crashed to report it disappears to quickly to read whats on it...
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