SUMMARY: this is a request to implement an option to parse the information of the file being played to the Android speech synthesis subsystem, basically to be able to listen the filename (or "Artist/Track name") being played.

EXPLANATION: starting from Lollipop, that "Ticker" option is no longer available/visible, but it's still there. According to the official Android API located here*tickerText :

tickerText, added in API level 1
CharSequence tickerText
Text that summarizes this notification for accessibility services. As of the L release, this text is no longer shown on screen, but it is still useful to accessibility services (where it serves as an audible announcement of the notification's appearance).

MOTIVATION: I've tried several cutting-edge music players (Rocket Player, PowerAmp, DDB2, foobar2000) and the only one that used to have that option (PowerAmp) removed it in recent versions (some users complained about it here: )

Right now I'm used the only one & old (very old -from 2013-) player (MortPlayer) having the option to use that "Ticker" (see attached screenshot):

That feature could be promoted even as a help for the impaired, marketing foobar2000 as "impaired-aware" or similar. That way it would be virtually the only "recent" player in the Market allowing the phones to say out loud the title of the song playing without the need of an extra app.

I think it's not a "marginal" feature since a lot of people are demanding it on the internet and there are some extra apps trying to provide such a feature by using different approaches: