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Thread: UPnP Download: Transcode to lossy

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    UPnP Download: Transcode to lossy

    Being able to play lossless formats with the foobar2000 mobile app is great and since iTunes has always been a pain to use it's great that you can fill your local library on your phone via UPnP downloading. A great addition to this feature would be an option to transcode lossless formats to mp3 or aac to save some space on your mobile device.


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    Re: UPnP Download: Transcode to lossy


    and: sync tags and playlists between the platforms.

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    Re: UPnP Download: Transcode to lossy

    Transcoding on UPnP is usually a function of the sever, not a function of the client (since it would make no sense to translate after it has been received).

    Said that, since you are talking about the special feature that allows to download files using the UPnP protocol, it might have sense to have some sort of transcoding, but then it means including an encoder in the build.

    All current phones are able to encode in MP4/M4A, but I don't know if that feature is available to applications, or they have to include their own encoder. Let's see what the developers say about it.

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    Re: UPnP Download: Transcode to lossy

    I have problem when using foo_UPNP to download transcode file to my phone.
    Although the file is tagged well in Foobar2000 PC version, it cannot realize %artist% in the transcoded files, that why the lossy files always be "unknown" artist
    Please help

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