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Thread: skin version 1.0

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    skin version 1.0

    hello everyone this is my first version of skin for foobar2000


    i hope you like it

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    Re: skin version 1.0

    I am now working on the second version, I have improved the light on the buttons, on the time bar and icons, now have a skin like lightsaber, the background image can now turn to any other consideration, improvements to be made do not hesitate to ask



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    Re: skin version 1.0

    ok i have finish my work, this is the link

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    Re: skin version 1.0

    Can i install this on the android version of foobar ?

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    Re: skin version 1.0

    If you have 1.0.21, yes. Download it then browse to it.

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    Re: skin version 1.0

    thanks, very nice skin !

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    Re: skin version 1.0

    The link is failed. Can you update it ? like it a lot,thank you.

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