Since this particular project will be incorporating any "components" and decoders and settings into itself, as two out of the three marketplaces will not support user supplied code, it should be considerably easier to support a centralized translation system for the player. It should also support translation of strings within skins, since those can supply their own labels and such.

Officially included translations may even be worth the translator being compensated for their work being included in the product, or at least this may be motivation for high quality translations. I hear the going rates are in the N cents per word, depending on the language, and possibly the complexity of the text. I've also seen N dollars per thousands of words, but that's only for serious bulk translation. I can't actually make any statements about compensation, since I don't handle the finances, I'm just making the suggestion.

Feedback is welcome, since if we do this, we'll only be doing the backend code for the translation system. And maybe Polish translation, if Peter doesn't feel that translating everything to that makes him gag or something.