Hey guys, I was trying to make a skin, and some suggestions came to my mind:

  • Cover search system. The app could search (in google images?) for the metadata, and give you some related covers.
  • Format/Bitrate info. I was editing the skin when I realised that there's no tag for introducing some important data. I would like to see something like Sample Rate - Bitrate - Format (for example "44,1KHz - 320Kbps - mp3").
  • Physical Menu button. I don't understand why we have to press the "Menu" button of the app while we can press the "Menu" button of our phone. The same about the "Search" and "Tools" buttons of the main menu.
  • Drag and slide system to change the album. You know what I mean. Press and slide the cover to change the song, or the album.
  • Playback control screen as default screen.

Also, you should fix some things, like the current cover display, there's something wrong but I don't know what. Looks a bit blurry.

Pic related, work in progress: