To be honest, in terms of aesthetics the apps in its current state really look ugly, but that is actually not my point in my thread here. I rather like to loose some words on the phone design functionality you've defined one year ago in a special thread. So far there are several problematic points i see:

  • The design doesn't match the guidelines of the certain os. Neither the design principles of material design is used in the android app nor the Windows app doesn't look like a typical Windows 10 universal app.
  • On larger Screens (tablet or pc) just full-blown Smartphone app appears. It is absolutely not optimized for screens larger than that ones on phones. On the contrary on each os you can design apps with a navigation drawer placed on the side of the app.
  • In each os according to the design Guidelines there are so many ui-elements that define and improve the user-experience and by that also automatically gives an aesthetical pleasant look.

Since you have introduced a skin engine i fear you indeed are planning to keep that outdated concept of Skins rather than offering a fresh and modern design of your apps.