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Thread: Android tablet install

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    Unhappy Android tablet install

    Tried to install from Google play on Proscan tablet PLT9649G
    Android : 4.4.4
    Build : KTU84Q
    Kernel : 3.10.0

    Response :
    This app is not compatible with your device

    Something to do ?


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    Re: Android tablet install

    Is CPU-Z compatible with your device? If so, could you please report some information on that device? The vendor is not forthcoming, and the Amazon product page has such glaring inaccuracies as "Apple A4" for the CPU and that it has "512GB" of RAM.

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    Re: Android tablet install

    Thank's for support
    See attachement report from CPU-Z
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Re: Android tablet install

    If you could log into the Google Play store in a desktop web browser, and check what it says about why it won't install, that would be helpful.

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