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Thread: High resolution lockscreen art

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    High resolution lockscreen art

    Hello! The lockscreen album cover artwork in mobile foobar looks much lower resolution than Neutron or PowerAmp. My understanding is that as of Android 4.4.2, Android will accept high resolution lockscreen--I'd love to see foobar take advantage of that. Thank you.

    (Tested on a Nexus 5)

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    Re: High resolution lockscreen art

    It uses a "small" icon on Android 2.3 through 4.0, and a "big" icon on Android 4.1 and up, as well as a media specific notification.

    "Small" is defined as 64 times the display density scale, while "big" is 100 times the display density scale.

    It appears to be at least display density on my 1080x1920 7" tablet. Maybe it needs to be bigger for phones?

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    Re: High resolution lockscreen art

    I finally realized that the issue was not foobar, but my DLNA server, which was serving up low quality art by default. Fixed. Thank you!

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