I'm sure some things have already been said, and some things are already planned. Figured I would make a post just to put all my little ideas in one place.

  • Auto-sync selected playlists from the user's desktop foobar2000 installation.
  • Detect and sync only the files that are absent in the mobile library.
  • Transcode lossless/incompatible files to a lossy format of the user's choosing.
  • Copy picture files from originating folders.
  • Compare playback stats, and keep all files up to date.
  • Allow creation and editing of playlists.
  • Auto-playlist functionality.
  • Allow 'local-only' playlists on the mobile installation.
  • A 'now-playing' bar overlayed at the bottom of the screen.
  • Allow changing of playback order from the 'now playing' screen.

For me, having auto-playlists coupled with syncing playback stats between my phone and my desktop would be a dream come true.