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Thread: foobar2000 and Android adopted storage.

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    foobar2000 and Android adopted storage.

    I recently installed foobar2000 on my tablet running Android M- it crashed on start. It was installed initially in adopted storage so I moved it from adopted storage back onto internal storage and it worked.

    So foobar2000 on android has issues with Adopted Storage, Im wondering if foobar2000 will have better support for Adopted storage in the future, since it'll be nice to download my music onto my 32GB microsd, rather than the 12 GB of internal storage.

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    Re: foobar2000 and Android adopted storage.

    If you mean that you installed the application into the SD card and didn't work, it might be something for the developers to check, but i wouldn't consider it a fatal flaw.

    As for storing the music, you can store it anywhere you want. Add the sd card folder as a media library and you're setup. And if you don't, you still can browse the external media storage.

    Btw: if you mean that the UPnP downloader uses the internal storage, i guess that should be made configurable if it is supposed to be used extensively. (I don't use it. I remove the SD card and synchronize it using my PC).

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    Re: foobar2000 and Android adopted storage.

    It's supposed to be installable to the SD card, even if it's not adopted storage. Crashing if run from adopted storage would be a bug. Filing this one in the tracker.

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    Re: foobar2000 and Android adopted storage.

    Hey there, Iīm using xiaomi Redmi Note 3 pro with the modified version of Android 6.0.1 by xiaomi, MIUI 8 Global 6.9.29 Beta. I recently put an SD-Card into the phone and copied some FLAC-Music on it, just to realize that foobar2000 canīt find my SD-Card. I tried to reinstall several times. They have weekly updates coming from Xiaomi, foobar2000 recently updated, but nothing helped so far. I got everything else running. I can control with another app the foobar2000 on my laptop through my phone. I was able to set up the UPnP connection and am able to play music on my phone streaming from my laptop. Just whatever I do there seems to be no way for foobar to find my SD-Card. I tried as well since the new version allows it to specify the path manually. No success. This is bothering me a lot, becasue this way I have to use some other shit player. Shouldnīt be too dificult to fix. I hope you guys have any idea. I also tried to give all the rights I can to foobar on my phone.
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