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Thread: What is the purpose of the "Rescan all now" button?

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    What is the purpose of the "Rescan all now" button?

    I need to regenerate the index because it appears to have not loaded the album covers embedded in each track. (This is a problem that I posted yesterday but have still not received an answer.) When I click the "Rescan all now" button, it appears to do nothing. The system just keeps displaying, "36786 tracks, 0 albums". I don't understand what it is doing (if anything) behind the scenes. I can see that the led on the disk drive is flashing to indicate that the tablet is reading from it, but I went through all this last night and nothing changed. That is why I am thinking that I need to reinitialize the index, but I have a feeling the system might just be checking for albums that aren't already there -- rather than rebuilding from scratch.

    So, does anyone know what the "Rescan all button" does? Does it become deactivated when the display is showing "Status:indexing"? If not, is it reading the disk and just looking for new entries, or is it doing an initialization beforehand where the index is fully cleared beforehand? I noticed that when the index was first being built, the track count was continually being increased. But like I say, in this case, it just continually shows: "36786 tracks, 0 albums" If it is not initialized when the "Rescan all now" button is clicked, then how do I reinitialize the index?

    Finally, I should point out that although it is showing "0 albums", the fact is that if I go and play the albums, they all appear. They are just missing the embedded album covers.
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