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Thread: HQ Audio files playback

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    HQ Audio files playback

    Being an audiophile, I'd like to hear the big HQ music files on my phone, such as 24bit/96kbs .flac and SACD (.dsf, .dff, what have you).

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    Re: HQ Audio files playback


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    Re: HQ Audio files playback

    Your phone probably doesn't support it, other software could be automatically downsampling it. In this case the use of the Resampler (set it to 48 KHz or whatever other rate works) under the DSP manager could help those files play. The most my phone does is 48 KHz @ 16-bits per sample.

    You cannot hear a difference between 48 KHz and 96 KHz anyway as the only difference is including frequencies that only your dog or cat can hear.

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    Re: HQ Audio files playback

    What a hell are you talking about?
    All supported formats with FFmpeg are supported with Foobar2000!
    Personally tried a Hi quality remastered 96KHz 24 bit Flac, the resasampler also works like charm.
    So better try it instead talking stupid things!
    Test file whose Triila 1:

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