I've two questiosn to I suppose simple problems.

1. I'm using the foobar2000 mobile app on Android.
2. In Album Artist / Artist view I select an artist.
3. Then I select an album there.
4. In the playlist view I tap on a track to start it playing.
5. Now I am in the playback view and can left/right swipe between the playback view and the playlist view.
6. Then I'm thinking 'Oh let's browse my media library while playing this album'. I'm using the Android back key multiple times until I'm back in the Album Artist / Album view.

Now it comes to my two questions.

A. How can I jump back to my current playlist which is is playing at the moment?
B. How can I add a song from the media library at the end of my playlist?

Maybe the answer to my question is too obvious to see it by myself. Or isn't it implemented yet?

As a last word: I'm glad and thankful that foobar2000 has found it's way to Android as I like it on Windows and didn't find an simple *and* powerful player on Android yet. Great work!