Foobar for Android, finally! Great! But I have to report a nasty "bug":

Until now I have created M3U-files in Foobar2000 on my PC and saved them on my smartphone. After testing some very disappointing apps, I found that Winamp can play these M3U-files.

Unfortunately, Foobar Mobile can't: Foobar Mobile can't find the files because it wants a slash "/" - but Foobar2000 on the PC uses a backslash "" for the folder structure... I have now replaced the backslashes manually in all M3U-files. It works and Winamp. It's okay because I only had like 60 playlists on my smartphone. But on my PC I have several hundreds and I assume many users will have several hundred playlists on their smartphones as well. For them, this nasty bug is a drag.

You should fix that.