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Thread: Using rating abilities

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    Using rating abilities

    Since almost all my files on the desktop computer and since I use the rating for playing purpose, it would be nice, if foobar mobil could read and use the ratings as a selecting feature. Sometimes I choose all the files with the rating "5" and then I use the random feature to hear them. It would be nice to do this also by foobar mobil.

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    Re: Using rating abilities


    And, maybe with the ability to select (similar to PlayerPro) the actual rating type, such as WMP, Winamp, etc.

    I often like to listen to music with a combination of genre and ratings&*8212;dinner may call for 4 & 5 of "smooth jazz," and bedtime may require fives of "jazz", "blues" and "soul." For an enthusiast with hundreds of albums, "dumb" playlists (or Android's default mediastore) just don't cut it.

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