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Thread: Proposed budget breakdown

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    Proposed budget breakdown

    The goal was $100,000. I'm not a developer, but that seems like a lot for a mobile application that will probably be sold... for money. Can you please publish the breakdown for that $100,000?

    Did you ever consider developing it and then selling it for the profit? I feel like that is how it should be. If you get the money beforehand then you don't have as good of a reason to make it good. If you make it before hand and then sell it, you have a better motive to make it because you rely on the sales which will only come when customers are satisfied with it.

    Maybe you are trying to do this backwards.
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    Re: Proposed budget breakdown

    $100K is realistic, if you take the 3 platforms that is $33K per platform. I estimate there is one years worth of development there, with 2 guys, to do the project justice, that is $50K each programmer.

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