I'm super pleased with the Android version of foobar2000 so far, it's already replaced the two other apps I was using for podcast and music playback.

I'm using a Nexus 5x with current (May Patchlevel) Marshmallow.

The one issue/complaint I have is with the lock screen notifications in the default white skin (same in black skin, I'm not sure if the skins control the notification appearance). First, the playback control buttons are rather small, but more importantly the Nexus 5x has a feature where when you pick up or move the phone, the display sort of half comes on, so that you can check the clock or notifications, then it quickly goes back off. In this mode, the screen is displayed at low brightness and in a kind of four color grey scale. The foobar notification therefore shows up as dark grey text and dark grey button outlines on a black background, which is kind of unreadable. Indeed the default color scheme of the notification is also kind of hard to read even with the lock screen fully lit, because it is light grey on a white box. More contrast would be appreciated in both situations.