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    Re: Black-Grey & White-Grey

    Sorry to bother.

    Android FB 1.0.29 lite.

    Even if your skin is selected I don't get anything nea the pictures you are showing.
    Above all, different buttons and no volume slider: any help?


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    Re: Black-Grey & White-Grey

    Verify that you have followed the steps below.
    • Download / copy fbskin file to device storage
    • In application select Tools Menu , Settings , Choose skin
    • Select Add More Open ....
    • Select Storage Location that you saved the fbskin file
    • Select the desired fbskin file
    • Enable the desired fbskin file

    If you still have problem, post a screenshot and your device android version / model and check console for any errors.

    To delete a fbskin file from application in Choose skin > User skins > long-tap entry and select delete.

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