I came across this earlier today, needing a replacement for the pre-existing "Groove Music" on my Lumia 550 (Windows Phone 10). There are bugs in Groove I cannot live with. So far, I've found both computer and mobile app to be reasonable. I believe to have come across a little bug in the mobile app.

I created a playlist through my computer (as the preview version of the WP mobile app doesn't support creating playlists yet) and modified it appropriately so that it would work on the phone, then copied it over and attempted to play the playlist. The problem I encountered is that every song in the playlist resulted in "Playback error: access denied" if I tried to play it from the playlist.

Play song from playlist --> access denied
Manually navigate to song and play --> works fine

This Dropbox folder of screenshots should demonstrate the problem: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/eliyk962u...A1Ry36H5a?dl=0

On my computer, the program works fine, however it seems playlist support in WP10 is a little bit buggy? I'd like to know if I am doing anything wrong, or whether it is a bug, and what general troubleshooting steps to take.

As far as I am aware, using the latest Windows Phone release of the app, from using the link to the free preview from this thread: http://forum.foobar2000.com/forum/sh...s-Phone-readme

Thank you.