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Thread: Shuffle all tracks - cover arts not dislayed

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    Shuffle all tracks - cover arts not dislayed

    Hello there, I'm new to the board, but I used to have Foobar2000 set as my default player. That's why I'd like to support it.

    Well, the situation is as follows: I've got 23 mp3 files and 23 waves in 2 separate sample folders (calssical public domain music) only for testing. Each of the files has its cover art attached. When files are being played directly from the source folder, there's no issue. But when I shuffle all the tracks, the cover arts are not displayed. Everything's located in uploaded attachments.

    Operating system: Windows Phone 8.1; Denim
    Phone: MS Lumia 625
    App version: 1.0.29 / 1.2.31 Store package version

    I hope you'll resovle the problem.
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    Re: Shuffle all tracks - cover arts not dislayed

    I have the same problem, the difference is that the art covers are not displayed all the time despite that my groove can display correctly.

    Have you solve the problem?

    I'm using Windows 10 mobile.

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    Re: Shuffle all tracks - cover arts not dislayed

    No, I haven't so far. I tried to reinstall the app on different devices but I still cope with the issue mentioned above. It's hard to say but in my humble opinion devs know about the problem. The thing is they have a lot of work so we'll have to wait. On the other hand, if they knew about it they would have replied at least.

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