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Thread: SACD ISO support.

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    SACD ISO support.

    It would be gorgeous to listen music directly from ISO images like his big brother on PC for both DSD and DST formats. It would also be amazing for MLP and PCM on ISO DVD-Audio's

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    Re: SACD ISO support.

    That would be nice, second that!

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    Re: SACD ISO support.

    I would also love to have this feature, as well as to play back .dsf & .dff files as well. Thanks!

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    Re: SACD ISO support.

    A two core ARM, even in the powerful iPhone 7 Plus, doesn't really have a chance of decompressing DST in real time, while simultaneously converting the DSD to PCM for output. A powerful four or eight core desktop PC barely achieves real time on a single core with the reference decoder.

    If you want any chance of decoding these formats in a reasonable amount of processing power, you'll be better off converting them to another lossless format. WavPack 5.0 alpha even supports DSD compression, to ratios that almost match the reference source code compressor, while using a fraction of the processing power to decode.

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    Re: SACD ISO support.

    Make support SACD ISO! It really miss!

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    Re: SACD ISO support.

    it would be nice to have possibility to playback .dsf & .dff files

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