I've just begun to use F2K (1.0.33) on my iPhone 6 (iOS 9.3.2) and I must say that it has blindingly fast responsiveness and instantly found all my defined library settings from Asset UPnP, this is totally wicked and mad kudos to the developers... it also looks really schmick !!

One thing of much interest to me now that I can listen to my entire 8TB music library directly on my mobile, is playback of ALL resolutions natively if possible.
The Advanced menu has a switch to apparently allow High-definition audio output, which I presume should function at all rates up to at least 192 khz, when a Dac is connected via the lightning port.
(This I have validated when using the ONKYO HF Player app, which functions flawlessly as such when I connect my Chord MOJO dac via an Apple CCK cable)

However with F2K, although it plays all of my music through to my MOJO dac just fine, the dac only indicates that it is receiving a 44.1 khz stream regardless of what the native sample rate of the files are.
This is also true irrespective of whether I try to use the DSP Manager to up-sample to any other rates higher than 44.1 khz.

Thus it appears that there is downsampling occurring internal to F2K which is disallowing higher native rates and restricting output to only 44.1 khz.

Can the developers please advise why this should not be functional when the High-definition audio output option is selected ?

I would like for it to function as implied, and as I mentioned the the ONKYO HF Player app does allow all rates to be throughput Natively when the option is selected within its interface.

I noticed an option to Save the Console log within the Advanced menu, I saved the log but am not sure where it can be located in order to send a copy for the developers to examine, please advise if you would like me to forward it.

Thanks for all your work thus far :-)