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Thread: Option to use "sort" tags

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    Option to use "sort" tags

    It would be nice to be able to sort music using "artist sort", "album sort", "album artist sort", etc. tags, when defined. It's pretty neat to have artists ordered as <surname, forename> while still being displayed as <forename surname>. I also use them to ignore "the" and equivalents in other languages, and sort artists based on their transliterated name when needed.

    Groove Music supports it surprisingly, I think it's the only feature I miss after having switched to foobar.

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    Re: Option to use "sort" tags

    I would also love to see the *SORTORDER fields put to use by the app. (They don't seem to, as of iOS v1.0.33 lite)

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    Re: Option to use "sort" tags

    I, too, long for support for various sort tags in the mobile software.

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    Re: Option to use "sort" tags

    I would love to see this also.

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    Re: Option to use "sort" tags


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    Re: Option to use "sort" tags

    +1 for me too.
    Much easier to browse by &*8220;last name, first name&*8221; or in some cases having names with symbols (I.e. P!nk listed under Pink).

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    Re: Option to use "sort" tags

    Yes, this please!

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    Re: Option to use "sort" tags

    Any chance this is in the works? The dbPoweramp features work this way in Asset. It would really improve the library browsing features.

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