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Thread: Support for external storage

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    Support for external storage

    USB-OTG is here!

    The scenario (already real):
    I am using a Google Pixel-C tablet (64 GB) together with a HooToo Shuttle USB 3.0 hub allowing to connect the tablet, an external power source (via USB-C) and one or more harddrives, while transfering data between tablet and harddrive! And while charging the tablet's battery at the same time! That's awesome! Now I can take all my MP3s with me, without having to pay Spotify or Google Music on a regular basis. And I do not need an internet connection while driving in my car.

    The wish for foobar2000 mobile (Android):
    Please make external storage available to foobar2000 Mobile (Android)!

    Currently, foobar2000's browser only supports "Internal Storage".

    I am using Total Commander for Android which has a very nice MP3 player included, allowing file system-based browsing and offering a nice equalizer. But I would like to see foobar2000 becoming more powerful than this (awesome) file manager.

    The configuration: Pixel C, HooToo Shuttle, 1.8" external Solid State Drive (256GB), external power supply via USB-C:

    Total Commander already supports external storage:

    It's nice to have that amount of storage
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    Re: Support for external storage

    OK now I'm really confused. I was just about to post a problem with external storage and found this post. I am using the mobile app on a Matricom G-Box running Android 5.1.1. I had an external drive with flac files on it and my foobar2000 app had that folder mapped in the Media Library. So this app did support external drives. I was playing with some ftp apps and foolishly deleted the saved path in Media Library. Now I can't get it back. External drives are not listed. All other programs see the drive.

    So is this a bug with this version of foobar2000? The version is 1.0.356 lite

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    Re: Support for external storage

    Well as of now, I have just been streaming from foobar that is on my home computer. So far that has been it. I will try and use one of my Ixpand USB drive that can be used with an iOS device and see if it can read files located on it.

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    Re: Support for external storage

    I'm going to post this in the support section instead.

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