I'm using foobar2000 on Android (best player available, thank you guys so much), but one thing I'd like to adjust is how it splits apart albums with multiple artists. A soundtrack with 10 tracks by 10 different artists will show up as 10 different albums in the album list. Is there anyway to make foobar group albums based on the album?

I know it's not safe to blindly group all artists to a common album title because all the "Greatest Hits" albums from 50 different artists would group as a single album.

I also know I could force them to group by replacing the artist with the name of the album, but that requires the loss of artist information for all compilation albums and soundtracks.

One thing I hoped would work, but doesn't (as of v1.0.35), is using the Album Artist tag. This would allow albums to be grouped correctly without the need of sacrificing the actual artist. Maybe this will be something that could be added in the future?

However, until then, does anyone know of a way to properly group albums with multiple artists? Is there a special tag that foobar2000 can use like Album Id? Thanks a bunch!