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Thread: My wishlist

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    My wishlist

    Hello. These are the things I would like to see foobar2000 include in future releases in order of importance.

    -disable screen timeout/keep screen on (especially on now playing screen)
    -set screen orientation
    -swipe gestures on now playing screen to skip tracks
    -ability to move/remove "all tracks" and "shuffle albums" from album list view.
    -ability to customize main menu (browse) choices i.e. remove composer, style, storage folder
    -smart playlists
    -sort numbers before letters
    -auto-pull artist images and missing cover art from
    -customize menu key functionality

    Dream features:

    -apply playcounts/loved tracks to local file metadata and keep them synched with multiple libraries (mobile library, home library)
    -thumb rating system wherein every unrated track starts out with 3 stars and goes up or down for each thumb you give it in either direction. thumbing up a track that's already 5 stars flags it as Loved on
    -flag files to skip while in shuffle mode (itunes is only program I've seen with this feature and it's great for intros and interludes that you don't want to hear when playing random songs)

    Foobar2000 has better basic library navigation than any other android player (handles semicolon delimiters no problem, genre-->artist-->album by default, option to sort albums by year). It just needs more options to be the perfect one out there.
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    Re: My wishlist

    and obviously scrobbling.

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