I'm trying to make a transition from Winamp to Foobar. I managed to set up my layout by using the Facets plugin, although I can't get over a few problems.

This is what my Winamp looked like: http://i66.tinypic.com/2r5vme1.jpg
These are my foobar plugins: http://i64.tinypic.com/2yyr348.jpg
This is my foobar atm: http://i63.tinypic.com/ad0v3n.jpg

I'm new to this and I really need your help guys to make this program functional enough for me. I'm pretty demanding when it comes to music players. So far I really like foobar, but these few problems prevent me from fully enjoing it and I have no clue how to solve them.

Major problems:
1. How do I make the first position (All) dissapear from my album view? I'd like to only see actual albums once I select an Artist/Genre. Its artwork refreshes so slowly...

2. Can someone explain to me how do the playlists work? They seem to make no sense to me.

The only thing that changes when using my Facets plugin are Library selection - and it displays whatevers playing now (which I believe should be in Library selection (playing)?). How do I see the contents of an album without playing it (like in Winamp)

3. I keep track of when I discover certain album by keeping a date in Comment tag. That way, I could sort all tracks by Comment and Refresh by "Read metadata..." in Winamp:

Then, I'd sort by Last Updated in the albums view:

That way, all of the album covers were sorted by the date that I first listened to them - from the most recent to least. Is there a way to perform such an action in Foobar?

4. How do I only see the albums that are rated 5 stars? Once I click on Filter > Top Rated, it shows nothing (even though several albums are rated 5 stars):

Side-note problems:

1. How do I make e.g. two albums named 'Greatest Hits' appear as two seperate elements on the albums view, as opposed to seeing one blank artwork (two put it simply: make it behave like in Winamp... right now it's just retarded)

2. How do I make views not case-sensitive, like in Winamp? E.g If I'd like to merge 'Alternative rap' with 'Alternative Rap' without actually changing the tags?

I would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you all in advance.