Cross-posted from Head-Fi (mobile foobar2000 is getting a lot of chatter over there -- well, from me at least :

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I'm in love with mobile (iOS) Foobar's UI! Especially that it has folder browsing and landscape mode for Now Playing (I have an iPhone 7+). Wish it would do bit perfect. There is a forum for support/bugs/wishlist/etc.: It seems to have good traffic and a responsive developer. Let them know this needs to be fixed asap (I have)! A "bit perfect' radio button would be great too, like a macro to turn off all resampling/EQ/ReplayGain/etc., gray everything else out and just send the bare bits direct to the DAC, let the DAC handle it from there (like my old Rotel IA -- it had a 'Source Direct' switch which would bypass the treble/bass/balance controls for a purer signal ...