I have a lot of requests, and I understand it's very difficult to do everything, so I'm going to just list them all, with descriptions where necessary. I'm also going to keep them organized by personal preference of priority, with my most wanted at the top. I may have missed some of this stuff during my searching, but hopefully not too much.

-Multiple Artists
-If I have a song that is a collaboration between 2 or more (I know one song I have was a 5 artist collaboration), I want to be able to search by any single artists name and find it. This happens a lot with Monstercat artists, so say I just want to listen to Stephen Walking, but he has songs with Ephixa. If I click on either Stephen Walking or Ephixa, separately, under Artists, it should show up under both. I thought contributing artists would work, but that only seems to take secondary artists, and assumes that the first one listed is the main one.

-Sticky bottom bar with current song (clickable to jump to the now playing page)

-Widget on Android

-This one is a weird but really convenient feature that a lot of other music players I have used have implemented. If I click on a specific song in an album, for example, it creates a temporary playlist called a queue and there is a button to look at that where you can drag and reorder them, or click on a context menu to delete from queue, play next, add to end of queue, etc. (Shuttle+ does this really well)

-I haven't seen an option to use embedded artwork instead of saved images, which I personally prefer. Also if embedded is implemented, auto downloading artwork for anything that doesn't have it on WiFi.


-Tagging stuff
-The ability to edit tags without another app would be convenient, and also being able to specifically define which tag is used in a certain filter, similarly to desktop foobar, would make a lot of things a lot easier


I know it's a lot, and I don't expect it all to be done, especially immediately, so thanks so much for reading, and keep up the great work!