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Thread: Wishlist for iOS

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    Wishlist for iOS

    - Search or scroll function to quickly locate files in large database
    - Play or queue album with a single stroke (see BubbleUp)
    - Easily create and add to playlists

    Thank you

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    Re: Wishlist for iOS

    -Fast forward, backward rewind track on time line on the lock screen.
    -Support Apple Watch with playlist, search and scroll, and "reverse" function. (full playback control on Watch to iPhone )
    If it will be worth the money, I will buy the first.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Wishlist for iOS

    -Import custom media library/album list/views from foobar2000 installed on PC or Mac via upnp server;
    -Remote control between different (and old) IOS devices. Exemple: control old iphone (3 or 4) directly connected to stereo from a newer iphone or ipad connected to the same network;
    -Import custom playback view (choices and order of fields to be displayed) from foobar2000 installed on PC or Mac via upnp server.
    -Settings/Media Library ---> add option to Monitor UPNP Server Folders
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