Hi you Cracks!

I paid an Android-Supporter mainly because I wanted to donate something for the great foobar2000 (Windows application). I think it is worth 80$. I use one of the many Android remotecontrol-apps (foobar2000 controller PRO) which does a great job too.

Here my suggestion for the upcoming Android-app:

I still use an IPod to listen to music while on the road. One of the reasons why I don't use my "Samsung Galaxy S4 Active" is the problem with remote controls on Android devices. My Shure headphones provide a remote control (on the wire) for IPod/IPhone. The Skip/Stop functions are working on Android as well (Samsung Player app) but not the Volume +/-. Maybe this is a limitation of the Android OS and cannot be fixed by an app. But if you could manage to get IPod remote controls working I think this would be a great feature. Sure - there are Android headsets with complete remotecontrol-functionality around, but none with audiophile earphones. Maybe some day some manufacturer will do it - after all you would just need a remote control (maybe with a headset-mic too) where you could plug in the earphones of your choice.

I hope my poor english is not too difficult to understand. Keep up the good work.

Christian Roethlisberger