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Thread: Support external DACs on Android

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    Support external DACs on Android

    I have Sony Xperia ZL and Sony external DAC/Amp PHA-2 connected via USB in OTG mode. Combination bypasses internal DAC and produces great sound via USB Audio Player Pro but USBAPP is low function. Xperia ZL is one of many Android phones that won't allow audio to bypass internal DAC unless custom software interface (USBAPP) is used. While it is true that just-announced Android phones are claiming internal audio bypass as a feature, there is a significant existing base of phones that can use USB in OTG mode with proper drivers. Foobar 2000 Mobile should allow use of external DACs via USB in OTG mode. (My rig is available for testing when/if that point arrives.)

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    Re: Support external DACs on Android

    +1 to this feature request.

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    Re: Support external DACs on Android

    + 1 here as well

    By the way, as I understood the upcoming Android L will have native support for USB audio thus external DACs

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    Re: Support external DACs on Android

    At this stage "USB Audio Player Pro" is the only one compatible to all my external usb DACs. That app costs $9 in Google Play Store. So far so good. Hope Foobar will be the second but best to have this function.

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    Re: Support external DACs on Android

    +1 as well

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    Re: Support external DACs on Android

    Android 5 is supposed to support these system-wide, but I cannot get my recently purchased FiiO Andes to even connect, but I may have a bad OTG cable. Bad press all around for Android 5.

    I installed it on my (no longer current) Nexus 4, OTA, and it failed in the recovery loader because my phone allegedly was running 4.3 and not the required 4.4.x. When I applied the update manually using a full image, it freaking factory reset my phone. Good thing it's no longer my current phone, and I don't need all those old call logs, text messages, and app settings.

    Supporting this on devices older than Android 5 looks like it would require some sort of direct USB interface in user mode, and I doubt the makers of USB Audio Player Pro would be terribly interested in talking with their competition about how it's done.

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    Re: Support external DACs on Android

    +1. iOS too

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    Re: Support external DACs on Android

    iOS already supports external DACs out of the box, you just need the USB Camera adapter, which costs about $30. The Lightning to Micro USB charge adapter does not pass through a data connection, so it's useless for this.

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    Re: Support external DACs on Android

    Yes, please!!!! +1000

    I posted a longer reply/request for this over in General>USB Out Streaming Support (, so I won't repeat it here. But yes, a thousand hearty times yes!!!!! If it's competitive with USBAPP, I'd even pay an add-on fee to enable such functionality in Android (I'd grumble & mutter a little, but I'd drop an extra fiver to make it so!).

    Huge deal for me, and it sounds like for many others!

    Thank you!

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    Re: Support external DACs on Android

    +1 for me on this band wagon.

    I am a big fan of external DAC/AMP on my mobile.

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