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Thread: Download File type option changes...?

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    Download File type option changes...?

    Well it was great to find the updated version of Foobar2000 awaiting download today, and even better that one of the big bugs that I had experienced (failure to download most of my music titles to my iPhone) appears to be resolved, so far a big improvement, THANK YOU

    However, if I'm not mistaken I've noticed that the download options have changed, previously the option were to download the original file format or an MP3 version (which is much more practical for a storage space limited mobile device). Now the option is: WAV or PCM and in most cases they are both listed as being the same file size !?!
    I'm not sure how this is of any benefit to anybody, unless I'm missing something altogether ?
    Anyway it would be most appreciated if the option to download the original PCM (in my case AIFF), or a much smaller MP3 version was again made available in the next update.

    I have also noticed that the High Definition Audio Output option in the Advanced menu is still not functioning as it would suggest... although at least I am now able to stream my higher than 44.1khz files without glitches (even if they are getting down-converted on the fly).
    Speaking of which, the Resampler in the DSP Manager also appears to still do nothing either.....

    No doubt much work still to do, but I appreciate the very slow progress you've been making all the same and really think that this app has huge potential

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    Re: Download File type option changes...?

    Resampler in DSP manager will work, but the output subsystem will automatically insert another resampler and downsample to whatever the output driver tells foobar2000 it supports. So clearly, whatever API it is using is reporting that it does not support 96 or 88.2 or 192KHz or whatever it is you are attempting to output.

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