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Thread: My wishlist, mostly related to chiptune support

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    My wishlist, mostly related to chiptune support

    I love the concept of the ability to use my spc, usf, etc. files in my media library with my other music as opposed to converting all of the chiptune music to a significantly larger size with no gain. Also, would it be appropriate or acceptable to post bounties that I would most definitely be willing to pay if the "wishes" were implemented?

    Anyway, here is the list.

    * Support chiptune files (.spc, .usf, etc.)
    * Metadata support for chiptune files (at LEAST playcount, artist, album artist, album, composer, playcount, track *, disc *, year)
    * Sync song/playlists/metadata(playcounts) between Android and Windows/Linux (including chip format metadata, ID666, I guess?)
    * Streaming (Chromecast)
    * Auto-playlist

    EDIT: I currently used MediaMonkey for Android/Windows/Linux, which does the last 3 things on this list, but does nothing with chiptune files. I know foobar has chiptune support on the desktop version, but if it could add it for Android it would be my perfect audio program.
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