A few desires of mine in mobile!

1) Scrolling text! For example if the title, artist, album, or even a setting is too long, a horizontally scrolling animation shows the rest of it. Maybe once per visit to the now playing screen or if the user swipes down on the text. The shrinking of fonts to show the whole string looks really bad and doesn't always show the full thing. The word-wrapped track titles in the list views could also implement this.

2) Shuffle "modes" instead of the playlist method currently used. For example you can turn shuffle on or off (or album shuffle on or off), but you'll stay on your currently playing track and the shuffling comes after. I guess the playlist thing is fine (and/or necessary?), but I don't like being warped away from my currently playing track.

3) Skinnable everything! What we have now is nice, but it'd be cool to have control over the whole UI.

4) A semi-translucent lyrics window that pops up when you tap the album art on the now playing view for both %lyrics% and %unsynced lyrics% (like iOS music player).