for a long time I have been looking for a WP music player (running WP 10 on a Lumia 950 with all music stored on the SD card) that is able to read (or import) m3u playlists that I created on my PC (much more comfortable if you're having a huge library with several hundred album folders and thousands of tracks). By now it seems that only FB2k (my favourite on the PC as well) is able to at least read and play the m3u's stored in the "Music" folder. And here is my problem: To get to these playlists in the "Device's Music Library" I have to scroll past several hundred album folders every time since the files (m3u playlists in this case) are displayed only after the folders. Once there, the playlist works fine, but the handling is very uncomfortable.
Placing the playlists in a separate folder (e.g. "01 Playlists" to get them on the top of the folder list) doesn't work either: The files are either not recognised or (when I include the full absolute path with "D:\Music\Album xyz..." in the m3u) get an "access denied" error by the system.
An extra functionality (e.g. menu) to organise the otherwise hard-to-reach playlists would be a huge improvement. Are there any plans tro implement these in the foreseeable future?

Or is this (or something to that effect) already implemented and I am looking at the wrong place? If so, I'd be hugely grateful for a hint in the right direction