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Thread: Playing or importing m3u-playlists created on the PC

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    Re: Playing or importing m3u-playlists created on the PC

    Actually, it's possible on ipad. Since foobar2000 store all its data in sqlite, you can import playlist by modifying its sqlite file, but first you need to jailbreak your device.
    I test on my ipad air2 with foobar2000 Mobile, version 1.0.57 64-bit. Here is my locations of foobar2000 in my ipad:
    Playlist sqlite location=/private/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/72FFDBEA-BFA9-4421-BEC7-4DA446994F52/Library/foobar2000/playlists-v2.0
    related sql tables: tracks, ordered
    Tools: one jailbroken ipad, openssh(client), sqlitebrowser
    As far as I know, all your songs path info are stored in tracks table,
    and all the playing orders info is stored in ordered table, and there may be multi playing orders in this table, the player will fetch the one has max id, I guess.
    That's all.
    .1 create a playlist on your foobar2000 on ipad
    .2 connect to ipad with ssh tool.
    .3 find your newly created playlist file under playlist location mentioned above
    .3 export this file on your pc and change it
    .4 import the modified file back and override the original file
    . 5 check... have fun.
    Foobar2000 saved my life, actually if I hope I can import playlist created on my pc rather than hack it in this way.
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