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Thread: Playing or importing m3u-playlists created on the PC

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    Re: Playing or importing m3u-playlists created on the PC

    Actually, it's possible on ipad. Since foobar2000 store all its data in sqlite, you can import playlist by modifying its sqlite file, but first you need to jailbreak your device.
    I test on my ipad air2 with foobar2000 Mobile, version 1.0.57 64-bit. Here is my locations of foobar2000 in my ipad:
    Playlist sqlite location=/private/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/72FFDBEA-BFA9-4421-BEC7-4DA446994F52/Library/foobar2000/playlists-v2.0
    related sql tables: tracks, ordered
    Tools: one jailbroken ipad, openssh(client), sqlitebrowser
    As far as I know, all your songs path info are stored in tracks table,
    and all the playing orders info is stored in ordered table, and there may be multi playing orders in this table, the player will fetch the one has max id, I guess.
    That's all.
    .1 create a playlist on your foobar2000 on ipad
    .2 connect to ipad with ssh tool.
    .3 find your newly created playlist file under playlist location mentioned above
    .3 export this file on your pc and change it
    .4 import the modified file back and override the original file
    . 5 check... have fun.
    Foobar2000 saved my life, actually if I hope I can import playlist created on my pc rather than hack it in this way.
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    Re: Playing or importing m3u-playlists created on the PC

    Quote Originally Posted by dorho View Post

    I've been browsing the forum in the hope of figuring out how to import playlist files onto iPhone, but found nothing. Since this seems to be a thread that fits my question the most...

    Is it even possible to import a playlist on iPhone, which doesn't really do open file management or SD cards? If you have ~1000 tracks and want to make, say, 10 playlists, each with 200 tracks, it is a nightmare.

    Thank you for your time.
    i can tell you how i've been managing on getting everything working on my iphone, but it may or may not work for you. all of my music was dropped into foobar directly via the ftp server. for the purpose of this writeup, i'm going to assume you did the same and have all of your music in folders inside of a music folder on the root of the ftp server. you can adjust as necessary.

    i created playlists in foobar (desktop version) and then right clicked the tab and saved the playlist as an m3u file. from there, i opened up the playlist in a text editor. i selected the part of the path that represented the location to my music on my computer, and did a replace all to replace it with ./Music/ (and then after that did a replace all to replace any remaining \ with / ). next, i ftp'ed my m3u file to the root of my ftp server.

    worth mentioning, this does NOT add the playlist to the "playlists" section of foobar mobile, however what it does do it make it so when you click "foobar2000 music folder", you'll see your music folder (which contains all of your music) and below that in the files section all of your m3u playlists. (and when you click one of them, you'll see all of the songs and can click any one of them to start playing the playlist). you get the same functionality as if it went to playlists, it just isn't where you'd expect it to be.

    the process is kind of a pain in the ass, but if you aren't someone who changes their playlists on a daily basis and just need to get something loaded up for now, hopefully this will hold you over until foobar mobile has some real syncing support. (i'd love to be able to just click a syncronize button in foobar on my desktop and have it upload all my new music and playlists. having to re-export my autoplaylists whenever i add new music kind of sucks)

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    Re: Playing or importing m3u-playlists created on the PC

    This is how I have managed to import external playlists on Android.

    1) Determine the file path for an existing playlist
    - I have created a playlist using a 3rd part app called "Playlist Manager Pro"
    - I am still unable to determine where the playlist is stored on the phone, so the work around is
    - use another 3rd party app called "PlaylistSync - Playlist Backup" from the same developer
    - this allows me to backup / sync the playlist with a Google Drive account
    - you can then view the backup playlist *.playlistsync in Google Drive
    - where you find the path located in the playlist ie /storage/SD/Music/Album1/*.mp3
    This is how the playlist orders the particular files on your phone

    2) Create an external playlist (on PC) using the same parameters above
    ie /storage/SD/Music/Album2/*.mp3
    save the file as a *.m3u
    copy / sync* (see below) the playlist onto the phone

    3) Ensure Foobar can located the playlist
    - Go to Tools * Media Library * Playlist folders
    - Click on "+"
    - select the folder where the external playlist was copied to

    4) Go back to browse
    - there should be a menu item Playlists [folder name]
    - and select the playlist you want

    5) Listen and NJoi

    There may be an easier way to get the path location, so please share.

    Hope this helps

    *I use "MyPhoneExplorer Client" to sync all my media and playlists onto my phone using a client on my PC.

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    Question Re: Playing or importing m3u-playlists created on the PC

    I'm guessing the mobile app still hasn't been updated to reflect this change of importing playlists created on the PC?

    Is a shame because the files I have, foobar2k decided to sort further down to specific albums or artists and if you only have the one, it will only use that one track for the current playlist and not any of hte other tracks resulting me in having to create a dedicated playlist to play these tracks one after the other in succession after each one finishes up.....except that you can't import externally created playlists.....and going going through the current tracklist to manually add each track to the playlist, especially when you have over 1000 to sort through and choose from, is pretty gey.......

    Groove Music on the other hand, since I sport a Lumia 950XL, plays just as how I want them to play, in their respective genres disregarding what artist or albums they're from but doesn't play opus files resulting me transcoding them into aac files or something to play them.....

    So I have two options, well actually three: 1) Transcode all Opus files to AAC for Groove Music, 2) Wait till Foobar2k gets an update on importing externally created playlists OR has an option to disregard sorting further tracks into their respective albums or artist names after already picking to play a specific genre of tracks, 3) Pick a different player that does what I want out of the box.

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